:rocket: My blog in dev.to

:rocket: My blog in dev.to

2020, Dec 10    

As you know :smirk: my blog is a small place in Internet, to share my knowledge, experience, how-to, … or whatever related with software development, computing, Open Source, platforms, Operating Systems and anything I learn everyday in my job.

To spread it :wave: to a wide audience :family: I joined to dev.to to republish some content there. It is similar as I did when I joined to diff.blog(). I hope :pray: this new integration helps me to achieve it. At the end I am looking for to get more feedback, comments, ideas or suggestions in my blog posts to create better content.

So from now my profile in dev.to is ready to you. I am excited to analyze how is going to work in the next weeks.

Have fun navigating in dev.to! :sailboat: