:tada: New Minishift Cheat Sheet!
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

:tada: New Minishift Cheat Sheet!

2020, Oct 05    

Is OpenShift 3 “legacy” :older_woman: :older_man:? Maybe, however in some organizations is already the current Platform as a Service deployed and running in production.

From time to time I have to work on that platform, reviewing deployments, architectures, or designing migration approaches to OpenShift 4 using operators. Whatever it is the cause, I need to run locally an OpenShift 3 cluster, and here minishift helps me a lot … so:

:tada: I am pleasure to announce that a new Cheat Sheet is available :tada:

I hope this new cheat sheet helps you when you need to install, deploy and operate your own local OpenShift 3 cluster.

My full list of Cheat Sheets are available for your records here. As usual, comments, ideas, PRs are welcomed!

Happy reading !!! :books: